I went and found a copy of ‘the shock doctrine’ and recorded some of the main quotes for use in my essay.

the book as a whole was not too useful but the topics it discussed were, as it goes in depth about the reasoning behind using shock tactics on a large scale.




Essay development

I did some further research into the technical side of the essay and started looking into the binaries put in place by the beliefs of Trump.


He is seemingly pushing for a segregation of Muslims which in this modern time is a shocking view, as we are developed enough to get past stigma’s like this, yet he does not let it go.


this is a point I could push in my essay to create discussion.

Seminar 5 Research

Sources that refer explicitly to my chosen ‘cultural text’

this source is an article written about a video interview with Rose Hamid and so is completely credible back to the source.


this source is Rose Hamid’s website in which she wrote an article about the event.

Capture 2


sources that discuss texts like my chosen one:

Hitlers rise to power

Capture 3

Seminar 4 Referencing

this seminar looked at referencing, how to do it, and why it is important. I found it extremely useful as I had not had to reference anything before, so I did not know how to do it properly. armed with this new knowledge, I am starting to research into relating text to my essay.

Seminar 3 Poster research

case study: racism at Trump rally

Rationale: it gives a social commentary on how a lot of people are thinking and shows a very controversial event that sparked a lot of attention.

I need to adopt a questioning approach so I need to think of questions and topics of discussions for when it comes to writing my essay.

what effect do events like these have on society and the minds of the american population, compared to the rest of the world?

why has he become so popular?


Critical Approach: using ideas of a populist doctrine to brainwash supporters, and why it is working, with relation to Marxism in part


Seminar 3 – Preparatory work

In this seminar, we were reviewing the preparatory work that we had all completed prior to arrival, which was to select an extract from a book which deals with themes relevant to my cultural text.

For my text I have decided to look at the controversy that is Donald Trump, specifically the latest news events showing racism and discrimination brewing in the subconscious mind of his supporters. I am going to look at this from a critical approach and evaluate why he has become popular, and the cultural effects that it will have on society.

The book I am using as reference is ‘The Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein 2007, it tackles large scale events being used to manipulate a population for a particular gain. I am looking at this book because I believe it has a good viewpoint which can be looked at in relation to current events, helping me to understand how people are feeling more accurately.